Tooth Extractions in Holly Springs, NC

On the path to a healthy smile, sometimes the best solution to discomfort is an extraction. Modern dentistry has improved dental extractions, making them faster and more comfortable. If damaged or infected teeth are left in the jaw, they can cause a range of serious issues that spread to other bones and tissues in your mouth. Don’t wait! Call Springs Village Dentistry today for more information or to schedule an appointment!

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Will I Be Missing My Tooth Forever?

While some patients choose not to have their tooth replaced, there are options to replace an extracted tooth. We offer several restorative dentistry options here in our office for your convenience. Once the extraction site has healed, you can explore options for a prosthetic tooth with your dentist.

Do Tooth Extractions Hurt?

This can vary from patient to patient. While your oral surgeon will take all necessary measures to make the process as comfortable as possible, including anesthesia, you may still experience some discomfort during the procedure. Understand that this should not be an alarming or unbearable amount of pain. If you’re experiencing extreme pain, alert your dentist immediately. They’ll be able to administer more anesthesia or consider a different approach.

What Can I Expect Following A Tooth Extraction?

Expect swelling, bruising, some pain, and possibly some bleeding. To mitigate this discomfort and reduce the risk of infection, your dentist may prescribe pain medications or antibiotics. Be sure to follow all prescription and aftercare instructions to ensure a speedy and problem-free recovery.

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