Diabetes & Oral Health

Managing your diabetes is important for good overall health & good oral health! To counter the negative effects of the disease, drink enough water, brush, floss, & visit Springs Village Dentistry in Holly Springs for regular cleanings & exams. Contact us for an appointment!

What To Expect From Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Besides wisdom tooth extraction, Springs Village Dentistry offers comprehensive dental services ranging from preventive to cosmetic to restorative. Plus, we offer flexible financing to make our treatments affordable so you can have the healthy, beautiful smile you desire.

How Can I Reduce the Cost for Dental Care

At Springs Village Dentistry, we never want patients to avoid dental care due to the cost. We provide a variety of financial options, including new patient specials and an in-house Dental Wellness Club! Call us today if you’re ready to receive affordable dental care!

Use Your Dental Benefits Before They Expire!

Balancing a variety of health care appointments during the year is challenging and may leave you behind in your dental care. Besides that fact that ignoring preventive care can lead to the need for more expensive procedures later on, it’s also financially wise to take a look at your insurance plan to make sure that … Continued

How Do I Straighten My Teeth Fast?

Are you interested in getting a straight smile in under six months? The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll have the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. Contact Springs Village Dentistry in Holly Springs, NC today to schedule a consultation for Six Month Smiles or SureSmile!

What Is an Abscessed Tooth?

Are you dealing with a chronic toothache or severe tooth sensitivity in Holly Springs? You may have an abscessed tooth! Our experienced Springs Village Dentistry team is on standby to help you regain a healthy smile. Please contact us to schedule your dental examination!

Are Dental Implants Right For Me?

Dental implants restore your smile, your confidence, and your ability to eat your favorite foods! The process takes a little while to complete, but implants remain the most natural replacement. Please schedule a consultation to see if implants are the right choice for you.
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