Restorative Dentistry in Holly Springs

If you have restorative dental work that you’ve been putting off for awhile, we’d like to invite you to explore our restorative dental care services. Our team at Springs Village Dental provides restorative dentistry Holly Springs residents can trust, because our work is always done with your unique dental needs in mind. Give our office a call today and take the first step toward restoring your beautiful smile!

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What is restorative dentistry?

Any dental treatment that repairs or replaces a cracked, decayed, or infected tooth can be considered a restorative dental procedure. Some of the common restorative services we provide include:

What is the difference between cosmetic and restorative dentistry?

While the main goal of restorative dentistry is to repair teeth and restore them back to a healthy, functional state, cosmetic dentistry tends to focus on the aesthetic appearance of teeth. However, there is almost always some overlap between the two, because we always wants to ensure every dental restoration looks as nice and natural as possible.

What should I do about a decaying tooth?

There are a few different treatment options that can be used to repair tooth decay, depending on the stage of decay that the tooth has reached. The best way to determine which treatment option will provide the best results for you is to come in for an exam so our team can provide a diagnosis. Below are some common treatments for tooth decay:

  • Fillings are a very common treatment option for cavities when tooth decay is in its earliest stages.
  • Dental bridges and crowns can be placed over teeth that have extensive tooth decay that may have weakened the tooth.
  • Root Canals are usually necessary when decay reaches the pulp inside of the tooth. Once the pulp is removed, the tooth is then filled.
  • Tooth Extractions are the final treatment option when a tooth has been damaged beyond repair. Once extracted, it will be replaced with an artificial tooth.

How much does restorative dentistry cost?

At Springs Village Dental, we never want the cost of dental care to deter patients from receiving the services they need. That’s why we accept dental insurance, FSAs and HSAs, and flexible financing plans through CareCredit® and Lending Club. If you have questions or concerns about financing your restorative dental care, please feel free to reach out to our team or visit our financial page for more information.

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