Relaxing Sedation Dentistry in Holly Springs, NC

At Springs Village Dentistry, we understand that dental appointments can be nerve-wracking. Whether you have always had a fear of the dentist or you have a treatment coming up that is causing anxiety, ask our team about our relaxing sedation options. Between our experienced, gentle dental team and our efficient dental sedation, your next appointment with us will feel like a breeze!

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What dental procedures offer sedation options?

Some patients only choose to utilize dental sedation when they are undergoing an advanced restorative treatment. Other patients use sedation dentistry at many or all of their appointments due to dental anxiety. Our sedation options are very quick and effective when it comes to relieving anxious thoughts and allowing patients who dread dentist appointments to be calm and comfortable during their treatments. To put it simply, dental sedation can be used for virtually every dental service!

Is sedation dentistry safe?

Springs Village Dentistry offers nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and oral conscious sedation, which involves taking an oral medication before treatment begins. Both of these options are considered very safe, but our team always takes each patient’s medical history and current health into consideration when adding sedation dentistry to their treatment plan. Nitrous oxide wears off within a few minutes of a patient breathing normal oxygen, and oral conscious sedation only lasts for a few hours at most. Neither option includes long-lasting or permanent effects.

Is sedation dentistry covered by insurance?

Dental sedation may be covered by your insurance plan if your provider deems it a necessary treatment, so we recommend checking your coverage when you are planning your next dental procedure. However, our team understands how beneficial sedation dentistry can be for patients who do not have coverage or are uninsured, so we offer a number of flexible financing options to help keep dental sedation affordable and feasible. For more information about financing the cost of sedation dentistry, please visit our financial page or give our knowledgeable front office team a call.

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