Wisdom Teeth Removal in Holly Springs, NC

When your wisdom teeth rear their heads and start causing dental issues, one of the wisest things you can do is get them removed. Our team is here to help you remove pesky wisdom teeth so the health of your teeth and gums can flourish without interruption. Don’t worry; you won’t lose any intelligence once they’ve been removed. You will feel better, though! If your wisdom teeth are bothering you, visit us at Springs Village Dentistry for a wisdom teeth removal consultation and get back on the road to a happy, healthy smile.

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Wisdom Teeth 101

What are wisdom teeth and why do we have them? It’s believed that our ancestors once used their wisdom teeth to help grind food easier. As the world advanced and our diets became less rudimentary, we used our wisdom teeth less and less. Due to evolution, not everyone has these vestigial teeth now. There are also people who have their wisdom teeth and haven’t experienced any complications with them. Unfortunately, wisdom teeth have a habit of coming in at odd angles or becoming impacted. This can cause:

  • Crowding
  • Shifts in Alignment
  • Jaw Pain
  • Abscesses
  • Tooth Decay
  • Tender Teeth & Gums

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

We understand that the wisdom teeth removal procedure can sometimes seem daunting, but rest assured. Our highly trained team performs extractions with precision, compassion, and a gentle touch. Some find that understanding the process helps relieve their anxieties.

Before we begin the removal process, we use sedation to make sure you’re comfortable and stress-free for the duration of the procedure. We then use anesthesia to numb the area around the tooth thoroughly. The tooth is loosened and then extracted using a variety of dental tools designed for precise removals. If your wisdom teeth are impacted, some minor stitches may be needed following the removal. Once the procedure is complete, we make sure you (and the person driving you home) knows the ins and outs of wisdom tooth removal aftercare so your healing process can be a quick one. A follow-up appointment is scheduled a week out so we can make sure that everything is going smoothly and without complications. Be sure to avoid straws and smoking as this could cause dry socket. After about a week or less, you can enjoy life from behind a fully healed, wisdom tooth-free mouth.

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