What To Do if I Have a Tooth Abscess

Gray haired man in a blue polo has his hand to his cheek due to pain from a dental abscess.

A tooth abscess is an infection that needs immediate treatment. If you put off going to the dentist, you may experience serious consequences such as bone or tooth loss. Springs Village Dentistry wants you to know what to look for in order to preserve your dental health.

What Are the Symptoms of a Tooth Abscess?

A tooth abscess can form in the root of your tooth or on the gums. The most common symptoms include:

  • Severe toothache

  • Fever

  • Swelling of the gums

  • Sensitivity to hot or cold food and drink

  • Bad breath

When Should You Visit the Dentist for a Tooth Abscess?

If you are experiencing the symptoms listed above, get in touch with us at Springs Village Dentistry to schedule an appointment. Early intervention is best! It is easier and cheaper to treat the problem immediately rather than letting the infection fester. A tooth abscess is usually a dental emergency, so let our team know about your symptoms so we can see you on the same day or as soon as possible.

How Is a Tooth Abscess Treated?

Depending on the severity and location of the tooth abscess, there are different treatment options. Here’s a look at what may happen if you are diagnosed with a tooth abscess.

  • Root canal
  • This dental procedure will remove the infection inside the tooth and restore its strength with a dental crown.

  • Tooth extraction
  • If a tooth abscess is too severe to save the tooth, you may get the tooth removed and replaced with a dental implant.

  • Drain the abscess
  • A small incision is made to drain the pus from the abscess. You may also get irrigation to prevent further infection.

    Dental Treatment at Springs Village Dentistry

    If you suspect you have a tooth abscess, please schedule an appointment with our Holly Springs office right away. We can do a full evaluation and recommend a treatment plan that works for you. Contact us today to get treatment for a dental abscess.

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