5 Ways Athletes Can Take Better Care of Their Teeth

Young tween in braces holding a basketball on the court with teammates in the background.

If you or a family member love playing sports, you know the importance of physical fitness. Your oral health is just as important! What can athletes do to take better care of their teeth? Here are five suggestions.

#1. Wear a mouthguard

Dental injuries like chipped teeth, cut lips, and knocked-out teeth are very common among athletes. You can protect your teeth and soft tissues by wearing a mouthguard. They’re available at any sports equipment store, but customized mouthguards like those available from Springs Village Dentistry fit better and last longer. Comfortable mouthguards are also more likely to get worn.

#2. Drink enough water

Athletes sweat a lot, so drinking enough water is very important. It’s important for your oral health, too! As you exercise, your mouth can get dry and produce less saliva. Saliva neutralizes enamel-destroying acids, so you want to drink enough water and get your saliva production back up again.

#3. Be careful with sports drinks

Sports drinks have vitamins and electrolytes, but many contain lots of sugar and acids, as well. Your teeth can suffer if you drink too many sugary, acidic beverages. Try sticking with plain water or rinsing your mouth well after drinking a sports beverage. Coconut water is another good alternative since it has lots of potassium and sodium.

#4. Eat other foods with carb-heavy meals

Many athletes eat high-carb diets because they burn so much energy, but cavity-causing bacteria love carbs, too. As bacteria feast on carbs, they produce acid that chews at your tooth enamel and leads to cavities. To protect your teeth, try eating fewer starchy foods and more tooth-friendly foods like yogurt, crunchy vegetables, and leafy greens.

#5. Visit the dentist for regular cleanings & exams

Everyone, not just athletes, should visit the dentist for routine cleanings and exams! We’ll remove plaque and tartar, polish your teeth, and check for problems like cavities or gum disease. If you’re having problems with your mouthguard or experiencing a mouth injury, we can help, too!

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