Do I Need a Root Canal?

Graphic illustration of the steps involved to remove infection from the tooth's pulp in root canal therapy

Root canals are a fantastic procedure that can be used to save the tooth. But is it right for you? In this blog post, we’ll cover the basics of this amazing procedure and help you understand why you may need one. Keep reading for a closer look at the root canal.

What Is a Root Canal

Root canals sometimes get a bad rep, but they are actually a fantastic procedure that’s become very routine. With root canal therapy, a dentist goes in to repair damage or decay that’s posing a threat to the tooth. After a successful root canal procedure, the patient gets to maintain their natural tooth and avoid getting an implant. The pain that accompanies an infected tooth also goes away!

Reasons for a Root Canal

Root canals are employed when the pulp within the tooth becomes affected. This can happen due to damage, infection, or decay. During the procedure, the dentist will go in and clean out the infected pulp, maintaining the tooth and avoiding serious consequences like an abscess or tooth loss. The area is then sealed to prevent further infection. Depending on the extent of the damage, the tooth will be finished with a filling or strengthened with a dental crown.

How Do I Know I Need One?

Dr. Molta or Dr. Moore will be the one to suggest that it’s time for a root canal, but there are some signs that may let you know that you’re headed toward this routine procedure. These include pain while eating, bumps or “pimples” on the gums, damage or injury to the tooth, tooth sensitivity, swelling, or discoloration in the tooth or gums. If you notice any of these symptoms persisting, definitely give us a call!

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