Dental Crown Procedure 101

Brunette woman smiles in a dental chair after a CEREC dental crown procedure at Springs Village Dentistry

At Springs Village Dentistry, we can address a variety of issues with a dental crown procedure, in which we place a tooth-colored cap over your natural tooth. There’s a good chance you’ll get one at some point in your life, if you haven’t already! Read on to learn why you might need a crown and what the dental crown procedure is like.

Reasons to Get a Dental Crown

Crowns are strong, realistic-looking, and can reliably treat many issues, from decay and weakening to discoloration and staining. Although cavities are commonly addressed with fillings, there are times when the cavity is too severe to be repaired with a simple filling, particularly if root canal therapy is needed. After this kind of advanced decay is cleaned out, we will use a crown to restore strength and function to your tooth. Additionally, crowns can be used to reinforce a tooth with weakened or worn enamel, to cover chipped or broken teeth, and to provide cosmetic enhancement when the teeth are misshapen, discolored, stained, or too small.

The Dental Crown Procedure

Here at Springs Village Dentistry, we’re excited to offer the latest in CEREC® dental crown technology. Our on-site milling machine allows us to produce and install a dental crown in nearly no time at all! The first step in the process is to remove some of the enamel on the surface of the tooth getting the crown. Next, we’ll take impressions of the tooth and select your crown’s shade so it will blend seamlessly in with the rest of your smile. Using our smile preview software, we’ll design a 3D model your crown, after which we’ll custom-craft it in our office. Once it’s ready, we’ll safely bond it to your tooth.

CEREC Dental Crown Procedure in Holly Springs

With CEREC crowns, the wait time for your new tooth is virtually nonexistent when compared to the traditional dental crown procedure! So come experience for yourself the difference a CEREC dental crown can make to your smile. Contact us today to get started.

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