What Is It Like to Be Under Dental Sedation

A woman relaxing in the dental chair after receiving dental sedation.

Sedation dentistry is an option for people who feel anxious about going to the dentist. The experienced and gentle team at Springs Village Dentistry understands your stress and will make you feel comfortable for your appointment with sedation options. Other situations where people receive sedation include patients that are undergoing an advanced restorative treatment. Many people wonder what to expect and what they should do to prepare for sedation. Here is what you should know.

What is it like to be under nitrous oxide sedation?

Nitrous oxide is also known as laughing gas. This is a mild but effective sedation treatment. The nitrogen and oxygen blend is delivered by a mask that goes over your nose. You will remain conscious and alert while under nitrous oxide sedation. You will also feel deeply relaxed and not feel any fear. Nitrous oxide wears off within a few minutes of breathing normal oxygen and is completely safe.

What is it like to be under oral conscious sedation?

Oral conscious sedation is a medication that you will take before your treatment begins. The oral medication may make you feel mildly or moderately sedated. You will still be conscious, but you may feel more deeply relaxed compared to nitrous oxide. You will be able to communicate with your dentist and be aware of your surroundings while under sedation. Since this is more heavy sedation, you might end up feeling groggy for the rest of your day. It may also take a few hours for the effects to wear off.

How should I prepare for sedation therapy?

You will want to discuss your medical history and current health with our team to determine if sedation therapy is the right choice for you. If you’re going to use nitrous oxide sedation, you won’t need to make any advanced preparations. If you’re using oral conscious sedation, you need to bring someone with you to the appointment. You will not be able to drive yourself home since the sedation will not wear off in time.

Sedation Dentistry at Springs Village Dentistry

Regardless of if you are getting sedation for anxiety or because of advanced treatment, our team in Holly Springs, NC is ready and prepared to help you have a smooth experience with us. Are you ready to schedule your next visit? Give us a call to make an appointment at a time convenient to you.

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