What Are the Benefits of Veneers?

Cartoon of three smiling women with veneers.
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Have you always wanted a smile upgrade? Treatments like teeth whitening can enhance your smile’s appearance, but if you’re looking for a dramatic transformation, veneers are a great option. What are the benefits of these thin, tooth-colored shells?

Veneers Hide Discolored Teeth

Many people have deep stains or permanent discoloration on their teeth. Veneers are a great way to hide these imperfections forever and make your smile brighter and whiter. We’ll design the veneers so you get a natural-looking shade. Veneers also resist stains more than natural teeth, so you can smile confidently.

Veneers Fix the Shape and Size of Your Teeth

Do you have teeth that are oddly shaped or uneven with the rest of your smile? We can change the shape and size of a tooth with a veneer, making your smile uniform and consistent. Veneers can even address small gaps.

Veneers Protect Worn-Down or Chipped Teeth

Veneers don’t only make your teeth look better, they can strengthen them. If you have worn-down enamel or small chips, veneers protect your teeth from further harm and add a protective shield.

Veneers Are a Permanent Treatment

Many people like that veneers are permanent. Before we bond the shell, we shave a tiny bit of enamel off your teeth. This makes it easier to bond the shell and helps the veneer sit flush against the tooth so it doesn’t look bulky. Because some enamel is removed, you’ll always need to have veneers. Veneers last 10-30 years, so the positive effects of veneers are permanent.

Getting Veneers at Springs Village Dentistry in Holly Springs, NC

Dental veneers transform your smile’s appearance and guard your teeth against problems like sensitivity. As a cosmetic treatment, veneers can be expensive, so our office has a variety of flexible payment options. If you have questions or want to schedule a consultation for veneers, please contact us today!

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