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What Are Dental Infections?

Don’t put off seeing a dentist if you are in pain. Our team at Springs Village Dentistry in Holly Springs, NC can examine your teeth and determine the root cause of the problem. We can provide treatment to give you pain relief.

Do I Need a Root Canal?

Do you need a restorative procedure? Leave it to us! Springs Village Dentistry offers a variety of different restorative procedures, including root canal therapy, to fit our patients’ various needs and restore their smile to its original beauty.

Financial Tips for Dental Care

At Springs Village Dentistry, we understand how important it is to receive premium dental care without exceeding your budget. We offer lots of payment options to help you get the oral healthcare you need without breaking the bank!

Most Common Sleep Apnea Symptoms

Our custom oral appliances are specifically designed to reposition your jaw and keep your airway open while you sleep. To learn more, please contact our Holly Springs, NC office to schedule your sleep consultation!

What Is Considered a Dental Emergency?

Springs Village Dentistry can walk you through what to do next if you have an emergency. Our Holly Springs, NC office offers same-day emergency dental care. It’s always better to be safe than sorry! But don’t wait for an emergency to come see us. We offer a wide range of preventive, restorative, and cosmetic services too.
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