Is Organic Better Than Regular Toothpaste?

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Seeking a more natural and chemical-free lifestyle has become increasingly popular these days. Many consumers opt for organic or all-natural choices. Today, we want to address the question: “Is organic and all-natural toothpaste really better for your oral health?”


Many of these organic toothpastes are missing a crucial ingredient: fluoride. One of the main things people look for when choosing an organic toothpaste is whether it contains fluoride or not because they do not believe that this is a “natural” ingredient. However, fluoride IS a natural mineral that can be found throughout our environment. It is an important nutrient for healthy teeth that has been shown for decades to decrease the incidence of tooth decay.

– Potential Con: Fluorosis

Since it is in both our water supply and toothpaste, many people worry about being exposed to too much fluoride. Fluorosis is a cosmetic condition that kids can develop if they consume excessive fluoride before their permanent teeth emerge from their gums while the enamel is developing. Although these white flecks and streaks only affect the appearance of teeth, not the integrity, this is why dentists recommend ample toothbrushing practice with parents and continued supervision as kids age to ensure they do not swallow their toothpaste. If children drink water as normally and spit after brushing, they will experience fewer cavities and shouldn’t have adverse effects related to fluoride!

+ Definite Pro: Healthy Teeth

The pros of fluoride definitely outweigh the con. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, American Dental Association, American Medical Association, and the World Health Organization all recognize the value and safety of fluoride. Fluoride is great for your oral health and has been scientifically proven to promote strong teeth:

  • Fluoride helps to strengthen the enamel on your teeth by depositing minerals like calcium back on your teeth.
  • Fluoride also helps control the acid in your mouth that can erode your enamel.

These are critical because weakened enamel results in decay and tooth sensitivity. Some natural toothpastes do use fluoride so if you want to go the natural route, be sure to check the ingredients.

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