Why You Should Never Ignore a Tooth Abscess

Brunette woman in yellow shirt cringes in pain, cradling her cheek due to a tooth abscess that needs emergency dental care

If you have an abscess, you might notice you experience sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures, pressure, and sugary and/or sour foods and drinks. You may even have constant pain and pus oozing out of your gums. It’s important to come visit our expert team if you notice these red flags. At Springs Valley Dentistry, serving Holly Springs, NC, and the surrounding area, we encourage you to seek out urgent assistance for your abscess to end your suffering as soon as possible and to prevent complications.

It Won’t Go Away

If you delay treatment in hopes that your abscess will go away, it’s not going to. An abscess is a pocket of pus and infection, and it’s not going to get any better without proper treatment. It may, however, get worse. Depending on the severity of your abscess, treatment may involve root canal therapy and a round of antibiotics.

An Abscess Can Cause a Dental Fistula

Not only do abscesses not go away, but they can lead to serious issues, such as a dental fistula. A dental fistula happens when the infection spreads and hollows out part of your jawbone. And the treatment for a dental fistula is more extensive and expensive than an early-stage abscess.

Infection Can Spread

The infection can spread into your throat and even beyond this area to the rest of your body as well. While your body releases antibodies to combat the infection, the infection can still continue throughout your bloodstream, causing widespread inflammation and problems. This complication is known as sepsis, and it can be life-threatening. As a result, you can experience septic shock and suffer from dangerously low blood pressure and organ failure.

Abscess Treatment in Holly Springs, NC

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