Halloween Candy FAQs

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For children all over, Halloween is an exciting time. There are costumes, parties, and a seemingly endless supply of candy. However, for parents and dentists alike, Halloween can be a frightening holiday. We often see a rise in cavities, along with other dental emergencies, caused by Halloween activity.

Dr. Molta and Dr. Moore often get questions from concerned parents asking how they can keep their family’s dental health safe while still enjoying the holiday. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of Halloween FAQs our team often receives, with tips on how to keep you, your family, and your teeth in good condition this Halloween season.

Q: Do I need to completely avoid Halloween candy?

A: No! We would never ask you to give up candy completely. However, it is important to consume you Halloween candy in moderation. For parents with kids, we recommend that you limit their candy consumption to one piece per day.

Q: Are there any types of candy I should avoid?

A: Yes! Sticky candies and hard candy are especially bad. Unsurprisingly, sticky candy can get stuck on your teeth, causing a whole host of issues. Hard candy can cause you to break or crack a tooth! Chocolate lovers can rejoice, because chocolate is one of the better choices – it easily washes off the surface of your teeth.

Q: What are some candy alternatives we can provide?

A: We love it when parents think outside the box. You don’t need to go as far as handing out travel-size toothbrushes, but there are plenty of fun options that won’t harm your teeth. To switch things up while still providing a treat, we recommend handing out small toys like bouncy balls, model airplanes, or even glow sticks. These are entertaining to young children without compromising their health.

What are other questions you have about caring for your family during the Halloween season? Our team is always happy to answer questions from patients and to share tips on caring for your smile, no matter the time of year. Schedule your next dental appointment at Springs Village Family Dentistry!

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